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Aftercare advice

To get the best results after your treatments, we recommend following the aftercare advice outlined during your treatment - find more details below.

A hand with OPI sugar scrub held by a hand in a black glove.

Aftercare for nails

1. Have regular maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks

2. Book for your professional. removal to keep your natural nails in the best condition.

3. Oil your cuticles twice a day.


Aftercare for facials

1. Don't touch your face, leave skin untouched overnight.

2. Stay hydrated after your treatment. Drink plenty of water and minimise alcohol intake.

3. Avoid make-up for 24-48 hours after peels and microdermabrasion.


Aftercare for massage

1. Stay hydrated after your treatment. Drink plenty of water and minimise alcohol intake.

2. Continue your relaxation, avoid strenuous activity.


Aftercare for waxing

1. Avoid sunbeds, tan, makeup, perfume products and UV rays (sun) for 24 hours after waxing.

2. Don't use retinol for a minimum of 3 days before facial waxing

3. Don't touch the waxed area for upto 24 hours after treatment


Get ready for lift off - pre-treatment advice

To ensure you get the best from your LASHUS treatment please ensure you:

• Inform your therapist if you have any medical changes and/or are pregnant.

•Avoid serums, waterproof mascaras and any oily products around the eye area 24 hrs before your appointment.

•Do not wear mascara on the day or for 24 hrs before your appointment.

•Remove contact lenses before your treatment.

•Check your sensitivity test is

OK, if applicable notify your therapist immediately if there are any signs of irritation or redness.


Up, up and away - aftercare advice

To ensure you get the best results from your LASHUS treatment we recommend to:

•Keep your eyes completely dry for 24 hours.

•After 24 hours we recommend you use Lash & Brow Elixir daily to help promote lash health and growth.

Avoid contact with steam for 48 hours.

• Do not rub or disturb the eyelashes for 48 hours, gently comb upwards to ensure position is maintained.


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